Biodegradable Industrial Odor Eliminator


ODOR SEAL is a industrial odor eliminator and cleaner specifically formulated for eliminating odors by encapsulating and destroying the odor producing source and its vaporODOR SEAL has also been recognized as an effective all purpose cleaner.  ODOR SEAL is water soluble and rapidly biodegradable.  The concentrate can be used in power washing equipment, high pressure washers, and steam cleaners to wash, clean and eliminate all odor producing sources and areas.



Cleaning Power:                 Eliminates odor.  Effectively cleans odor producing area.  Particularly good when used with machine scrubbing, pressure washing, and steam cleaning equipment.  Hot water enhances odor eliminating and cleaning power.

Applications:                       Use in sewage treatment, landfills, restrooms, portable toilets, garbage dumpsters and trucks, on boats, in stables, on farms, in locker rooms, spas, use to eliminate smoke and pet odors; spray directly onto the odor producing source and/or spray into air to destroy any airborne odors..

Oil Emulsification:            Slight.  Oil molecules do not form a tight emulsion with the cleaning solution.


Capability:                           Low.

Residue:                                No residue after rinsing.



pH:                                         7.5 in concentrate form.

Flash Point:                         Negligible.

Boiling Point:                      Greater than 212F.

Odor:                                     Mild fresh scent.  Does not contain d-limonene's.

Water Solubility:               Complete.

Shelf Life:                            Indefinite when stored in closed containers between 32F and 120F.


Environmental and Safety Considerations

Biodegradability:              100%.

Hazardous                           No components are listed in the NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational

Components:                       Health Standards, 1988, or are defined as hazardous by SARA, CERLA, or RCRA.  No OSHA PELs are established for ingredients.

Handling:                             Prolonged contact with product may cause slight dryness of the skin. 

Disposal:                               Cleaner itself may be disposed through municipal systems.  Oil cleaned from surfaces must be disposed following local regulations.

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