Motor MAX

Radiator Cooling Additive


Motor MAX works to reduce water and oil temperature, the temperature of internal engine components, it minimizes hot spots in engines, and in turn the passenger compartment and engine bay temperatures are reduced.


Motor MAX is non-toxic and biodegradable.  It is non-corrosive and compatible with all internal engine parts, seals, hoses and accessory components.



For use in racing, heavy equipment, towing, or high stressed applications where more cooling is needed run 1 quart Motor MAX to 10 quarts of water.


For normal street driven use in cars, motor homes, street rods, etc. use 1 quart Motor MAX to 16 quarts of water.


Motor MAX can be safely mixed with antifreeze.  Do not mix Motor MAX with any other type of water wetters or radiator additives.



pH:                              pH is neutral 7.0

Flash Point:                Negligible

Boiling Point:             400F

Odor:                          Mild, fresh scent.  Does not contain d-limonenes. 

Appearance:              Opaque in color.

Water Solubility:       Complete

Shelf Life:                  Indefinite when stored in closed containers between 28F-120F.

Residue:                     Product dissipates rapidly.  Product leaves virtually no residue.


1 Quart (32 oz.)           2.3 lbs./quart

1 case of 12 quarts      28 lbs./case


Store at room temperature.  Avoid prolonged storage below 28F or above 120F.  If frozen, return product to room temperature and allow to thaw before use.  Product is freeze/thaw stable.  Product is neutral.  Rinse hands with soap and water after handling product.  As with all chemicals avoid direct eye contact. 

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