The FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant is a fire retarding agent specially formulated to effectively and safely retard all Class A materials.  Developed from the extraordinary life saving and fire fighting Cold Fire, rapid cooling fire extinguishing agent, the FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant is a unique and revolutionary product, which retards fires by stopping dangerous flames from spreading.  The FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant works to actually form its own insulation barrier to prevent dangerous flames from spreading.  The FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant also inhibits the development of hydrocarbon smoke. The FIRE BLOCK Fire Retardant is non-flammable, safe to store, handle and use, leaves no residue; and is environmentally safe.



Retarding Power:               After treatment of retardant on all Class A type surfaces there is zero flame spread.

Applications:                       Spray on Class A surfaces of all types (wood, paper, cotton, furnishing, all non-                                                  polymer surfaces).

Cleanup:                               None needed.  Leaves no residue.



pH:                                         pH of concentrate is 7.0

Flash Point:                         Negligible.

Boiling Point:                      212°F.

Odor:                                     Mild smell.  Does not contain d-limonenes.  Light straw color.

Water Solubility:               Complete.

Shelf Life:                            Indefinite when stored in closed containers between 32°F and 120°F.

Dilution Strength:              Do not dilute.  Use in concentrated form.

Residue:                                Product leaves little to no residue.


Environmental and Safety Considerations

Biodegradability:              100% in 21 days under ideal conditions.

Hazardous                           No components are listed in the NIOSH Recommendations for Occupational

Components:                       Health Standards, 1988, or are defined as hazardous by SARA, CERLA, or RCRA.  No OSHA PEL’s are established for other ingredients.

Handling:                             Retardant is neutral.  It will remove oil from the skin and will irritate the eyes if sprayed directly into them.  When handling bulk concentrate, eye protection, gloves, and impervious clothing should be worn when there is danger of splashing, prolonged exposure to vapor, or prolonged skin contact, as with all chemicals.  Do not ingest, splash into eyes, or inhale for prolonged periods.

Disposal:                               Retardant itself may be disposed through municipal systems.


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