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Cold Fire Introduction Letter

A quote from a Forest Service veteran, of 38-years, says it all. “If we keep going like we are, we’ll keep losing battles and eventually we’ll lose the war.” This was said in regard to the 2003 fire year. (Ref: Daily Inter Lake, August 31, 2003.) Wildfires have destroyed millions of acres of natural resources and taken human lives. We are not writing this letter to resolve the question of forest conditions but rather to alert you to a new fire fighting capability that is now available to government agencies to facilitate their efforts to control wildfires.

COLD FIRE the NEWFIREFIGHTING AGENT that has an extraordinary ability to remove extreme heat from any object with which it comes in contact. It works to remove the heat and hydrocarbon fuel source from the fire triangle. The suppressants in this agent use water as a catalyst to remove the heat as well as to encapsulate and break down the hydrocarbons in the fuel source to rapidly extinguish the fire. COLD FIRE is not a wetting agent but a cooling agent. Only a small percentage of this cooling agent is required when added to water. COLD FIRE is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe. It has a unique thermal insulation capability that prevents re-ignitions when properly applied. It also enhances the penetration capability of water, thereby extinguishing fire faster using less water.

COLD FIRE has an extraordinary effect when used to fight wildfires. During the last few fire seasons some forests have seen application of COLD FIRE. Many rural fire departments and other non-federal firefighting support units have applied this product to private structures on non-federal lands thereby saving many homes from wild fires.

It is our belief that COLD FIRE , when properly used, will reduce firestorms, help control and manage fires. It will also protect structures, prevent catastrophic and economically devastating forest fires as well as establishing fire lines around control burns.

COLD FIRE entered into an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to test and evaluate this product at the Missoula Fire Lab . These tests are now complete and COLD FIRE products are now on the government Qualifying Product List (QPL) and available to all State and Federal agencies.


                 Shane Holt


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